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1.This club shall be named the HETHERSETT VELO CLUB and has for its object the encouragement of cycling.  

2.The Club shall be under the Management of a Club Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Committee of 2 first claim members who shall be elected annually at the A.G.M.  

(All club Officials and Committee members must be fully paid up First claim members at all times in order to participate)


3.The Committee shall have the power to co-opt not more than 3 members on a permanent basis if considered necessary.   Additional members may be co-opted on a temporary basis when needed to help organise a club event.


4.The Club offers the following forms of membership (Membership year to start on 1st February) ;

First claim -  a) Senior  - 18 years of age or older.  b) Junior - 16 to 18 years.  c) Juvenile - Under 16 years of age.              D)  over the age of 65.          All entitled to participate in all aspects of Club Activity.

Second claim - Senior, Junior and Juvenile.  Available to any First claim member of another club who wishes to associate with HVC.  Not eligible to hold any Club office.

Family – First claim membership only, for up to two persons aged 18 years or over and two dependents aged under 16 years and resident at the same address.

Life – Awarded to any First claim member of the Club for long and outstanding services to the Club. This membership requires no subscription and can only be granted at an A.G.M.  A Life member has all the rights and privileges of First claim membership.

Honorary – Given to Sponsors for the duration of their sponsorship or for a specific period agreed by the Committee.

5.The name of each candidate provisionally admitted to membership shall be brought by the Membership Secretary to the Committee for membership to be confirmed after attaining a simple majority.


6. Annual subscription rates shall be agreed at the A.G.M. (Pro-rota for the year from 1st February for members joining during the year).  Members may affiliate to British Cycling by payment of the appropriate additional fee. Any member whose subscription fee remains unpaid by 28th March in the year in which it is due shall be suspended from all rights and privileges of Club membership.


7.Any member changing their residential address, telephone number or e-mail address shall notify the Membership Secretary as soon as possible.


8.Any Committee member wishing to resign from their post must send in written notice to the Secretary.


9.An Annual General Meeting, of which 14 days’ notice must be given, shall be held not later than the end of January each year.


10. An Extraordinary General Meeting, of which 7 days’ notice must be given, may be called at any time by resolution of the Committee, or on the resolution of ten members by a letter addressed to the Club Secretary specifying the object of such a meeting.


11. A Committee meeting shall be held once a month or as otherwise determined by the Committee, but with a minimum of quarterly meetings. Club members shall have the right to attend Committee meetings but shall not have the power of voting. The Committee, however, reserve the right to hold any meetings in private if thought desirable. The minutes of such meetings shall be made available to members at their written request.


12. Any member of the Committee who fails to attend three consecutive meetings without giving satisfactory reasons for their absence will be considered to have resigned from the Committee who shall have the power to  co-op a replacement.


13. 25% of members shall constitute a quorum at an A.G.M. and E.G.M.   3 members shall constitute a quorum at a Committee meeting.


14. The Accounts of the Club, duly audited, together with a report of the Club activities of the past year shall be presented at the A.G.M.


15. Proposed alterations or amendments to Club rules to be submitted in writing to the Secretary or proposed at a Committee meeting, the text of such proposals to be included in the Agenda for the next A.G.M. or E.G.M.


16. New members, on admission, will be made aware of the Club rules as available on the Club website.


17. All members are expected to comply with the Clubs Social media policy as shown on the Club website.


18. If the conduct of any member(s) shall be inconsistent with the character and interests of the Club, the Committee, upon a complaint being laid before them, shall have the power, after thoroughly investigating the matter, to propose their expulsion at a General Meeting of the Club, which shall decide the issue by a simple majority.  No person shall be re-eligible for re-election to the Club within twelve months of expulsion and only then at a General Meeting.


19. No event organiser shall cancel any event, other than on the day of the event, without consultation and agreement of three officers of the Club. Any such cancellations and reasons for cancellation must be notified to members by either, the Club website, the Club Facebook page or e-mail.


20.All Club members must wear cycle helmets when participating in Club ride events, have lights when necessary, always obey the Highway Code and ride with all due care and attention to other club members and road users.                                It is each individual member’s responsibility to ensure they have the necessary and relevant liability insurance for participating in Club events.


21. The members may vote to wind up the Club if not less than 75% of those present  support that proposal at a properly convened E.G.M. or A.G.M.    The Committee will then be responsible for the orderly winding up of the Club’s affairs.   After settling all liabilities of the Club, (amounts owing to 3rd parties first and then members subscriptions),the Committee shall dispose of the net assets remaining to one or more of the following ;                                                                                                                                                                              a) To another local Club with a similar sports purpose which is registered with British Cycling                                                                          b) To the Club’s national governing body for use by them for related community sports.


22. The Committee shall have the power to act, on a majority vote, as it may deem fit should anything arise which is not covered by these rules.